what chick flicks can do to you

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I know its cliche and the fact that I’m writing it in bed, after watching a chick flick at 2 am doesn’t help much, but life just starts sucking at some point.You know, you stay single for 20 years thinking, the first guy I date will be The One! He will sweep me off my feet and I will never know what hit me. But the first one comes along and your ideals are shattered when you end it cause it just isn’t quite perfect enough. And of course you tell yourself it isn’t too hard cause you left him and didn’t get hurt.

Next guy comes and you learn from him. You grow and find out who you are and what is important to you, but of course that means giving him up and being single yet again. But you ended it, so you can’t be sad either.

So two years later and two failed relationships behind you and all you have to show for it are a few recent awkward moments stuck with the ex and his new fiance or the ex and his whole family.

We learn we grow, but what do we have in the end? We are alone, watching TV, crying anytime someone holds hands or winks at another person, just wishing for those tormented hours we spent in relationships back.

Are we so backwards that we can’t be happy when we could have been or find happiness once we know what we want? I think so.

Life just loves a proverbial kick in the crotch and I tend to be the target.

I know the whoa is me routine is coming on a little strong right now. But most women feel this, am I right? Most woman have those moments where it doesn’t matter how wrong a person was for you, you want him to walk in the door and hold your hands and look into your eyes and be prince charming.

Well ladies, I’ve got news. Prince Charming isn’t coming around. At least not without some effort. I guess we all just need to buckle down and start building up a pretty good fall back system since we are bound to need it a few more times before we are happy.

Learn to be happy with ourselves, become the best person you know how to be and lets hope, the universe will throw us a bone.


welcome home

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So I made a new blog because I really wasn’t sure I liked the title of this one and I struggled hard core to make another one. Oh well, I’m coming back to this one. I was just a little insecure since Val’s and Jill’s have themes and mine is quite literally about nothing in particular. But I have missed writing so I’m gonna start back up.

childhood innocence

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there are a few things that we could do when we were 4 that just really aren’t allowed anymore. That or people would think you were crazy

-When you got scared at age 4 you could run to your parents and cry as long as  you wanted even though it might be the dumbest thing ever that scared you.

-You could also sleep with your parents if you were sad and it wasn’t creepy.

-You could scribble whatever you wanted on a piece of paper and people raved about it and actually said that it looked like a puppy or an airplane.

-You could sit on random boys laps and flirt shamelessly without being some weird girl, just an adorable little girl.

-You believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny

-Prayers required a few rehersed sentances and no thought

-You were light enough to jump into piles of leaves and not hit your butt on the ground

-You could play on anything and not get into too much trouble

-Playing mermaids and war was a part of everyday life

-You could eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you wanted and wouldn’t feel sick

-You can say that someone is fat or ugly right to their face and it is just pawned off on the fact that you didn’t know what you were saying

-You didn’t like boys and didn’t care how many or how few liked you

these are just a few but I thought they were pretty fun. I have very fond memories of my childhood and most of these are parts of them. The best was playing War in our little Japan house. Jill and Val would prepare baskets with blankets and crackers and a baby doll and i would run to the genkan and then run back to the room yelling, “The war is coming, the war is coming!” Someones baby would always die and Jill usually got shot so we had to leave her behind.

what did Number The Stars do to us!

my resolutions to life

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So I have always made new years resolutinos and goals but till this year never taken it seriously cause I haven’t found a need. This year is a whole new mentality. I will get everything on my list done despite the fact that it might be hard. I have done well thus far and havn’t slipped on any of them yet so I’m excited!!! Here we go,

~Fix my handwritting (i write like a 9 year old boy and really need to work out nicer penmanship)

~Read Tarzan:Jewels of Opar, Ender’s Game, Count of Monte Cristo, and Harry Potter 7 (I’m not a big reader so i set my sights pretty low with a few that I have been wanting to read or finish reading for a while)

~Get a New Years kiss (Next year will be me and Val’s year!!)

~Pass Accounting (It is the one subject that I honestly just don’t get and can’t understand I have taken it 3 times!!!!)

~Go to a Circus (it looks so creepy and fun)

~Start a hat collection (i ws recently repremanded by Elder Holland for a lack of sunday hats so I’m gonna get on that.)

~Get back down to 125 lbs, or at least look like that. This entails lots of things… No candy/chocolate/snacks except one day a week and a work out regiment which will be subject to change

~Hand make a dress and a coat as well as make 2 quilts

~Go to Canada (just one more country off my list)

~Buy my red cowboy boots (always been a dream of mine!)

~Get on Look Book (Almost there!!!)

~Pay off my car completely

~Be in a relationship (this is the one that i will give a little leniancy to but I thought it would be a good goal)

~Sing in public (i have always wanted to just to prove that I could not becuase I have a good voice or would make it a habit)

~Do 12,000 names on family indexing

~go to the temple once a month

~learn to french braid (how have I never learned??? i dont know)

so that is basically my list but i think it should be pretty good and fun to do at the least.

alternate realities

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So if all my siblings could have a perfect job this is what they would be (obviously if money was no object) and these are simply my opinions not what they would say their perfect job was…

Adam — He would be an entrepreneur who just thought of brilliant ideas for people and got paid for it, or he would be a family history artist of sorts, he would design peoples family crests and symbols and signs and things.

Val — She would be a TV show critique basically grading shows and writing how she feel about them, or a verbal artist where she would narrate what she wanted to be put on canvas or paper and someone else would actually do it.

Jill — She would be a poet. I remember Jill used to write really good poems when she was younger and she loved it! Or she would just get paid to dress well and try out new outfits… well i guess there is a word for that…. a fashion model haha

Alex — He would be a comedian or voice impersonator. Just making people laugh. Maybe even one day have his own commentary show like Colbert.

Derick — He would be a scientist/inventor and just figure out little things and how they work, or a full time Dad. I feel like he would be a great father.

Casey — He would need to be a pro-soccer player or the owner of some building like Jump On It but instead of going to have fun  you would go there to let all your anger out and hit things.

I was just thinking of these on my drive home today and thought they were fun cause my family is pretty much the only people who read this. PS: The last idea for Casey would be awesome…. people would pay $10 and get to just be really physical and angry so that they would leave happy.

little things are cuter than big things

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So I know I am going post crazy but I just got so many brilliant ideas today so I am putting them all down… Adam (my brother) was talking about how adorable baby otters are and I was talking about how adorable baby harp seals are and then Jill posted a really cute picture of a baby owl so  I am going to post some of the cutest miniature animals you have ever seen!

just as a side note, I will probably never own one of these things and don’t really want to. I just want to look at the pictures cause they are cute from a distance.

Baby Harp Seal: Too bad these things lose their fur and get really mean otherwise I would love them more!

Baby Arctic Fox: Alex, I feel like you would love this! I wonder if you can keep a fox like you can keep a dog??? If so this is the one!

Baby Monkey: I would totally want one of these for about 7 hours.... then I would be done cause it would poop everywhere.

Baby Siberian Tigers: I don't know why I love everything white but I do, they just seem softer than other colors.

Baby Otter: Adam, you were right, it is the hands that make otters so dang cute!

Baby Giraffe: His name would be Herbert and he would have no friends, but love D&D and be a really special friend.

Baby Hedgehogs: These are ugly but so funny to look at!

Babies are cute! Human ones especially but these are just for the animals today. One day I will cuddle all of these! (minus the hedgehog) Damn Animal Planet for making me love animals when I was raised without them and used to be perfectly fine.


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So Tracy and I were talking about blogs and funny things we do in life, so obviously we had a lot to talk about (we are pretty funny) Recently I think it is really funny to brag about what I’m good at, even though I’m not good at it becusae it makes other people so confused. This includes making snowflakes, little things at work, boys and others.

But seriously, something I am really good at… pretend phone talking. I mastered this little beauty when living in Japan. i used to be incapable of going anywhere by myself even if it was a 2 minute walk and so I would hold my phone up to my ear and say things like, “Oh, you are waiting at the door for me? So I’ll see you in 15 seconds? Thanks Dad!” Convincing myself that by saying that out loud any predetor would be scared and not touch me. This was made even better when I didn’t have a phone so i would just talk into my hand. So I guess this became a defense mechanism of mine that had proven quite handy.


Age 19: I was living down in Cedar City and was working at the Best Western in town. A guy I had been on one date with wanted to have a DTR (for those of you who don’t live in provo Define The Relationship) talk. i thought that it was jumping the gun a bit and was avoiding him at all costs. He texted me one day to tell me that he was just gonna come to my work cause we HAD to talk. I was struggling to find some excuse not to have to talk, so as he walked in, I flipped open my phone(yup this was when the flip phones were in their prime) and started to talk. I waved and held up a finger as to say one second. After about 5 minutes of fake talking to someone on the other line, I told my imaginary converstaionist “one second” and told the guy that I was on a conference call for a non-profit group I work with (Kaiizen) he said he would wait and i told him it might be a really long time, hoping that would force him to leave, but to my dismay he stuck around. I fake conference called for 45 minutes. It was SO BORING! but finally he left and i avoided a very sticky situation.

Age 21: I have aquired this ability to get really awkward and embarrassed REALLY easily, it is a huge problem but my little skill comes into play quite often. Anytime I am walking around a mall or school or somewhere public I like to be on the phone so that if I see someone I know I don’t have to talk to them if I don’t want to I also tend to forget what I’m doing a lot so if I’m walking in the wrong direction and suddenly need to go the other way, I pick up the phone and turn around like someone told me they were behind me. I know I’m lame.

Basically there aren’t a lot of things I’m good at, but fake talking on a phone… that is one of them. So next time you see me on a phone feel free to wonder if I just had to changed directions, or if you are the one I just don’t want to talk to.