my new Tracy life

T-Race and IWell I am going to be living with Tracy this next semester and I’m stoked about it. There are a lot of things tracy and I have started that we never quite followed through with

-Liquid Cleanse

-Work-out Program

-Biking everyday

-No sugar (I did it but not the time Trac and I decided to)

basically there are a lot that we have never convinced each other  to stick to, but I’m hoping we can succeed since we will be wall to wall. Our first ambitious goal… running every morning before class. See it sounds possible but that means you either don’t know the Boss family or you have never ran at 7:30 in the morning. I am giving 2 weeks and then we will be sleeping till about 3 minutes before class haha. But on another tangent Tracy is my favorite and she really just needs to be prepared for living with me. There will be  notes written on the mirror and under her pillow, midnight margarita parties and movie sob fests. OH LET THE SAGA BEGIN!


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