Oh rain

So it has been raining for the last two days and it is officially depressing. I have decided that rain can be the most enjoyable thing in the world except when you are alone and working! I used to LOVE the rain but as you get older it isn’t as fun. Maybe it is just the company I hold but it just kinda makes things slow and boring.

So recently I have had to get used to being by myself. I have the best roommates right now but they are dancers and are always gone teaching or on vacation so I honestly spend 85% of my days working and sitting at home alone. Don’t get me wrong I’m not really complaining becuase it has taught me a lot, like the fact that I can be alone and not hate it, but I am ready for Eliza to get home becuase with the combo of the rain and no one home is getting to be a little much. Thankfully  I will be in Midway tonight and tomorrow becuase all the missionaries are home!!!

All the boys home from missions!

All the boys home from missions!

 I have had so much fun seeing these guys come home! They were all amazing before their missions but just that much better after. Thankfully none of them came home really weird but I love it. I feel like this last week or two spending time with them is like highschool again, without the back-biting and promiscuity. Just the best parts all rolled together and since we all grew up a lot that makes it helpful.

That is another thing I am so grateful for, that I have FINALLY GROWN UP.

I’m sure it is cause I turned 21 (just kidding Adam thinks that it did a number on me) but I am really glad that I have been able to look back at highschool and the first little while of college and just be embarraseed not proud. I am really glad that the way i was, is in the past and I learned from it. I look at girls that are in highschool or even graduated the same time as me and I’m jsut so happy I don’t need it anymore. Granted I still need to do a lot more growing up, but…. it will happen sometime.

In conclusion, stop raining, come home eliza, and welcome home boys!


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