…maybe even death

So I was talking to some people recently who were discussing the commercials where they tell you about side effects of drugs… yeah I know scary. Who in their right mind would take a pill for their headache that could cause: fainting, diarrhea, bloody noses, or heart palpitations. Personally I want the headaches at that point!

No kidding the side effects for the nasal spray NASONEX are as follows: Headaches- in 26% of people; Viral Infections- in 14%; Coughing -in 13%; Painful Menstrual Cramps- in 5%; Muscle or bone pain- in 5%; vomiting- in 5%

All this for a spray that is supposed to help you control allergies! Heck no, I want a runny nose if 1 in 4 people get headaches. I like tissues, (they even make them with lotion now)

The reason all this really came up is because Val saw a commercial saying that if you take the birth control pill YAZ you should hire an attorney cause they have crazy side effects, so I looked up the side effects since I used to take YAZ…. these were my results

-A decrease in your sex drive -Headaches -Yeast Infections -Weight gain -Nausea and Vomiting -Blood Clots throughout your body -Heart Attack -Sudden loss of vision -Strokes -Liver Damage -Depression -Breast cancer -High Blood Pressure -High Cholesterol – AND DEATH!

You have GOT to be kidding! Thankfully I do not have any of these side effects or if I did, I didn’t notice but really? I think I would rather deal with some cramps and irregularity then, oh… say DEATH! It is so crazy that companies can sell this crap to us and we buy it thinking that all the side effects are just really rare and probably wont happen to us, well it happens to someone or they wouldn’t have to warn us. I just think that we are bound, as a society to die due to our apparent stupidity, me included.


One Response to “…maybe even death”

  1. colorofmylife Says:

    this is your best blog post to date. love you. don’t die

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