and the freaks emerge (Dad don’t watch this, you will hate it)

Upon surfing youtube with my roommate Katelyn and some friends, Katelyn showed us a video that changed my life! I have never in my life seen something so, shocking, disturbing, awkward and scary ever! I honestly didn’t know how to react. You might assume, as I did that this is set up, but watch the next 4 freak outs and you will be a believer. Brace yourself for the mayhem…

I want just one person, just one who can watch this and think, “Hey, I would love to be this kids mother or father.” How does a child get like this? I know a lot of parents can’t be blamed for how their children turn out but, I’m gonna blame the mother on this one. Don’t let your sons and daughters play WOW! EVER! NO! no exception, dont do it! look at what happens to these children.

Let us next address the remote issue. How is a kid taught that when you want to hurt yourself, take a remote and put it up yourself. Sorry Dad if you are reading this, but really? you have to admit this kid has got issues. How is World of Warcraft so essential to this kids life that he is physically hurting himself?

Also in video 3 he says, “You just want me to look like a loser, like a poor loser” What?! He is worried that a car is going to somehow effect people viewing him as a loser? I guarantee he lost people thinking he was rad and really normal about an hour after that first video was posted.

Lastly how has this kid not been sent to an institution? How has he not killed or seriously injured anyone? In video 3 he swings at his dad but I guess he is at least controlled enough that he doesn’t attack anyone. Katelyn said that because I laughed so hard this is going to be what my children are all like. yeah right! My children will get this crap beaten out of  them if I have to. Also I will follow after my mother and the only games my children will be playing is Mario Cart, Super Mario, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Halo, WOW, War games, anything violent and they will not enter my house. I can’t take a chance of this kid being mine.


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