Hardest Caramel Ever

I just had to cook for the first time all alone and I ruined it. It is super chewy and hard and I felt so bad. I did a 10/9 which should make about 25 trays of apples or about 300 apples I got about 12 trays or 125 apples. Lame! I will never cook again by myself until Becca teaches me how! I feel very unaccomplished tonight.. bad weekend in general, but I will try to have a better week next week.


One Response to “Hardest Caramel Ever”

  1. My sweet dear Mir Cat…. don’t even worry. Cooking is hard. The first time I cooked alone the a/c wasn’t working, I had sweat all down my back, and I added all the liquids too fast and the pot overflowed. You will learn. Miss Rockies, Miss you! Love ya!

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