my womb is ticking

So let me start out with the video so you can all feel like babies would make you happier!

Right? I just adore this child and the father who sat on the couch just enjoying it. My body needs one of those things so that I can just sit and be entertained! I really do need a baby though (not now but eventually) I love babies and children too much for my own good. A little girl came into work today and saw the sprinkles apple and with a devilish look, turned to her mother and said… “Please? It is my favoritest! I need it.” She was maybe 3. My dad once told me that the beauty of children is that they are like little peices of you but you can train them like a dog to do whatever you want them to. AMAZING! I love it. I will probably add more later becuase babies make me so happy and sad and everything all together.


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