So Tracy and I were talking about blogs and funny things we do in life, so obviously we had a lot to talk about (we are pretty funny) Recently I think it is really funny to brag about what I’m good at, even though I’m not good at it becusae it makes other people so confused. This includes making snowflakes, little things at work, boys and others.

But seriously, something I am really good at… pretend phone talking. I mastered this little beauty when living in Japan. i used to be incapable of going anywhere by myself even if it was a 2 minute walk and so I would hold my phone up to my ear and say things like, “Oh, you are waiting at the door for me? So I’ll see you in 15 seconds? Thanks Dad!” Convincing myself that by saying that out loud any predetor would be scared and not touch me. This was made even better when I didn’t have a phone so i would just talk into my hand. So I guess this became a defense mechanism of mine that had proven quite handy.


Age 19: I was living down in Cedar City and was working at the Best Western in town. A guy I had been on one date with wanted to have a DTR (for those of you who don’t live in provo Define The Relationship) talk. i thought that it was jumping the gun a bit and was avoiding him at all costs. He texted me one day to tell me that he was just gonna come to my work cause we HAD to talk. I was struggling to find some excuse not to have to talk, so as he walked in, I flipped open my phone(yup this was when the flip phones were in their prime) and started to talk. I waved and held up a finger as to say one second. After about 5 minutes of fake talking to someone on the other line, I told my imaginary converstaionist “one second” and told the guy that I was on a conference call for a non-profit group I work with (Kaiizen) he said he would wait and i told him it might be a really long time, hoping that would force him to leave, but to my dismay he stuck around. I fake conference called for 45 minutes. It was SO BORING! but finally he left and i avoided a very sticky situation.

Age 21: I have aquired this ability to get really awkward and embarrassed REALLY easily, it is a huge problem but my little skill comes into play quite often. Anytime I am walking around a mall or school or somewhere public I like to be on the phone so that if I see someone I know I don’t have to talk to them if I don’t want to I also tend to forget what I’m doing a lot so if I’m walking in the wrong direction and suddenly need to go the other way, I pick up the phone and turn around like someone told me they were behind me. I know I’m lame.

Basically there aren’t a lot of things I’m good at, but fake talking on a phone… that is one of them. So next time you see me on a phone feel free to wonder if I just had to changed directions, or if you are the one I just don’t want to talk to.


One Response to “walkie-talkie”

  1. hahaha i love it when you fake talk on the phone. you forgot to mention that you are weirdly good and making snowflakes. i have tried over and over and over again and mine never even come close to yours. you are the champ!

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