no rain now

So I have been in, what some might call, a drought recently. I haven’t been on a real date in who knows how long and haven’t really had many crushes, so my roommate Katelyn and I were talking to some friends about it the other night and some interesting things were revealed…

I was informed that because I live in Belmont, I am apparently un-datable.

Just because a girl lives in a certain complex, doesn’t mean SHE has one. I live in Belmont because I prefer to be surrounded by older more mature people and not freshman, as well as the fact that I live in a really nice place for only $390 with my own room and fantastic roommates. So sue me…. or just don’t date me. Yes there are the cake-faced, snooty, privileged rich girls, but you can find those anywhere. New flash, I drive an ‘00 Nissan that I paid for myself, I’m no snooty rich girl that is for dang sure.

Just because guys can’t get up the gall to actually ask a moderately good looking girl out doesn’t mean I am doing something wrong by living in Belmont.

I was also told that I seem mean. Really? I feel like I probably try harder (to a fault I might add) than anyone you know to be as kind as possible. Anyways sorry about whine fest I just thought it was lame that guys make so many excuses. I don’t believe that some good looking/great guy can’t walk up to me when I’m at school or at a restaurant or party and ask me out. Oh well. In short. Men, grow up!


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