little things are cuter than big things

So I know I am going post crazy but I just got so many brilliant ideas today so I am putting them all down… Adam (my brother) was talking about how adorable baby otters are and I was talking about how adorable baby harp seals are and then Jill posted a really cute picture of a baby owl so  I am going to post some of the cutest miniature animals you have ever seen!

just as a side note, I will probably never own one of these things and don’t really want to. I just want to look at the pictures cause they are cute from a distance.

Baby Harp Seal: Too bad these things lose their fur and get really mean otherwise I would love them more!

Baby Arctic Fox: Alex, I feel like you would love this! I wonder if you can keep a fox like you can keep a dog??? If so this is the one!

Baby Monkey: I would totally want one of these for about 7 hours.... then I would be done cause it would poop everywhere.

Baby Siberian Tigers: I don't know why I love everything white but I do, they just seem softer than other colors.

Baby Otter: Adam, you were right, it is the hands that make otters so dang cute!

Baby Giraffe: His name would be Herbert and he would have no friends, but love D&D and be a really special friend.

Baby Hedgehogs: These are ugly but so funny to look at!

Babies are cute! Human ones especially but these are just for the animals today. One day I will cuddle all of these! (minus the hedgehog) Damn Animal Planet for making me love animals when I was raised without them and used to be perfectly fine.


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