alternate realities

So if all my siblings could have a perfect job this is what they would be (obviously if money was no object) and these are simply my opinions not what they would say their perfect job was…

Adam — He would be an entrepreneur who just thought of brilliant ideas for people and got paid for it, or he would be a family history artist of sorts, he would design peoples family crests and symbols and signs and things.

Val — She would be a TV show critique basically grading shows and writing how she feel about them, or a verbal artist where she would narrate what she wanted to be put on canvas or paper and someone else would actually do it.

Jill — She would be a poet. I remember Jill used to write really good poems when she was younger and she loved it! Or she would just get paid to dress well and try out new outfits… well i guess there is a word for that…. a fashion model haha

Alex — He would be a comedian or voice impersonator. Just making people laugh. Maybe even one day have his own commentary show like Colbert.

Derick — He would be a scientist/inventor and just figure out little things and how they work, or a full time Dad. I feel like he would be a great father.

Casey — He would need to be a pro-soccer player or the owner of some building like Jump On It but instead of going to have fun  you would go there to let all your anger out and hit things.

I was just thinking of these on my drive home today and thought they were fun cause my family is pretty much the only people who read this. PS: The last idea for Casey would be awesome…. people would pay $10 and get to just be really physical and angry so that they would leave happy.


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