my resolutions to life

So I have always made new years resolutinos and goals but till this year never taken it seriously cause I haven’t found a need. This year is a whole new mentality. I will get everything on my list done despite the fact that it might be hard. I have done well thus far and havn’t slipped on any of them yet so I’m excited!!! Here we go,

~Fix my handwritting (i write like a 9 year old boy and really need to work out nicer penmanship)

~Read Tarzan:Jewels of Opar, Ender’s Game, Count of Monte Cristo, and Harry Potter 7 (I’m not a big reader so i set my sights pretty low with a few that I have been wanting to read or finish reading for a while)

~Get a New Years kiss (Next year will be me and Val’s year!!)

~Pass Accounting (It is the one subject that I honestly just don’t get and can’t understand I have taken it 3 times!!!!)

~Go to a Circus (it looks so creepy and fun)

~Start a hat collection (i ws recently repremanded by Elder Holland for a lack of sunday hats so I’m gonna get on that.)

~Get back down to 125 lbs, or at least look like that. This entails lots of things… No candy/chocolate/snacks except one day a week and a work out regiment which will be subject to change

~Hand make a dress and a coat as well as make 2 quilts

~Go to Canada (just one more country off my list)

~Buy my red cowboy boots (always been a dream of mine!)

~Get on Look Book (Almost there!!!)

~Pay off my car completely

~Be in a relationship (this is the one that i will give a little leniancy to but I thought it would be a good goal)

~Sing in public (i have always wanted to just to prove that I could not becuase I have a good voice or would make it a habit)

~Do 12,000 names on family indexing

~go to the temple once a month

~learn to french braid (how have I never learned??? i dont know)

so that is basically my list but i think it should be pretty good and fun to do at the least.


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