childhood innocence

there are a few things that we could do when we were 4 that just really aren’t allowed anymore. That or people would think you were crazy

-When you got scared at age 4 you could run to your parents and cry as long as  you wanted even though it might be the dumbest thing ever that scared you.

-You could also sleep with your parents if you were sad and it wasn’t creepy.

-You could scribble whatever you wanted on a piece of paper and people raved about it and actually said that it looked like a puppy or an airplane.

-You could sit on random boys laps and flirt shamelessly without being some weird girl, just an adorable little girl.

-You believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny

-Prayers required a few rehersed sentances and no thought

-You were light enough to jump into piles of leaves and not hit your butt on the ground

-You could play on anything and not get into too much trouble

-Playing mermaids and war was a part of everyday life

-You could eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you wanted and wouldn’t feel sick

-You can say that someone is fat or ugly right to their face and it is just pawned off on the fact that you didn’t know what you were saying

-You didn’t like boys and didn’t care how many or how few liked you

these are just a few but I thought they were pretty fun. I have very fond memories of my childhood and most of these are parts of them. The best was playing War in our little Japan house. Jill and Val would prepare baskets with blankets and crackers and a baby doll and i would run to the genkan and then run back to the room yelling, “The war is coming, the war is coming!” Someones baby would always die and Jill usually got shot so we had to leave her behind.

what did Number The Stars do to us!


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