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what chick flicks can do to you

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 by Miriem

I know its cliche and the fact that I’m writing it in bed, after watching a chick flick at 2 am doesn’t help much, but life just starts sucking at some point.You know, you stay single for 20 years thinking, the first guy I date will be The One! He will sweep me off my feet and I will never know what hit me. But the first one comes along and your ideals are shattered when you end it cause it just isn’t quite perfect enough. And of course you tell yourself it isn’t too hard cause you left him and didn’t get hurt.

Next guy comes and you learn from him. You grow and find out who you are and what is important to you, but of course that means giving him up and being single yet again. But you ended it, so you can’t be sad either.

So two years later and two failed relationships behind you and all you have to show for it are a few recent awkward moments stuck with the ex and his new fiance or the ex and his whole family.

We learn we grow, but what do we have in the end? We are alone, watching TV, crying anytime someone holds hands or winks at another person, just wishing for those tormented hours we spent in relationships back.

Are we so backwards that we can’t be happy when we could have been or find happiness once we know what we want? I think so.

Life just loves a proverbial kick in the crotch and I tend to be the target.

I know the whoa is me routine is coming on a little strong right now. But most women feel this, am I right? Most woman have those moments where it doesn’t matter how wrong a person was for you, you want him to walk in the door and hold your hands and look into your eyes and be prince charming.

Well ladies, I’ve got news. Prince Charming isn’t coming around. At least not without some effort. I guess we all just need to buckle down and start building up a pretty good fall back system since we are bound to need it a few more times before we are happy.

Learn to be happy with ourselves, become the best person you know how to be and lets hope, the universe will throw us a bone.


welcome home

Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 by Miriem

So I made a new blog because I really wasn’t sure I liked the title of this one and I struggled hard core to make another one. Oh well, I’m coming back to this one. I was just a little insecure since Val’s and Jill’s have themes and mine is quite literally about nothing in particular. But I have missed writing so I’m gonna start back up.