no rain now

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So I have been in, what some might call, a drought recently. I haven’t been on a real date in who knows how long and haven’t really had many crushes, so my roommate Katelyn and I were talking to some friends about it the other night and some interesting things were revealed…

I was informed that because I live in Belmont, I am apparently un-datable.

Just because a girl lives in a certain complex, doesn’t mean SHE has one. I live in Belmont because I prefer to be surrounded by older more mature people and not freshman, as well as the fact that I live in a really nice place for only $390 with my own room and fantastic roommates. So sue me…. or just don’t date me. Yes there are the cake-faced, snooty, privileged rich girls, but you can find those anywhere. New flash, I drive an ‘00 Nissan that I paid for myself, I’m no snooty rich girl that is for dang sure.

Just because guys can’t get up the gall to actually ask a moderately good looking girl out doesn’t mean I am doing something wrong by living in Belmont.

I was also told that I seem mean. Really? I feel like I probably try harder (to a fault I might add) than anyone you know to be as kind as possible. Anyways sorry about whine fest I just thought it was lame that guys make so many excuses. I don’t believe that some good looking/great guy can’t walk up to me when I’m at school or at a restaurant or party and ask me out. Oh well. In short. Men, grow up!


the latest and greatest

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So in two weeks I will be going to Florida to visit my friend Mike and I am so excited. Not only have I never been to Florida before but I get to see a space shuttle launch, check out alligators and go to DISNEY WORLD! I love disney more than anything and my last 3 trips have been failures due to some lame people but now it is going to happen! I can’t even describe how happy I am that i get to go. The catch is that I am flying by myself and I have been kind of panicking about it. I recently hate flying and gt really scared so we will see how it goes.

mean people

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I like to think of myself as someone who is not only nice, but goes out of their way to do nice things for people. I understand that, that doesn’t always happen but I feel like you should try to be that way for the most part. Funny thing is some people are just rude for no apparent reason. I don’t understand how, when you go out of your way to do something for someone, they can be a total jerk and think nothing of it. Not just, not being thankful… no,no…. fully trying purposefully to be rude. Maybe I am just crazy but I’m never going to be happy when that happens.

How are people like that raised? When their mother makes them dinner do they simply finish, throw their plates against the wall and turn on the TV? Again, not okay. I just don’t get how a person can get so bitter and be that way often. I know this is a bitter little blog but I just think that people who know me should know that I do not deal well with those kind of people. Then again people who are like that probably HATE me because I am constantly on a chipper little high that makes me happier than I should be. Generally this post is short and a lot more depressing than the baby one, but babies are always just happy. Who knows, maybe one day i will be okay with mean people but for now, nope.

my womb is ticking

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So let me start out with the video so you can all feel like babies would make you happier!

Right? I just adore this child and the father who sat on the couch just enjoying it. My body needs one of those things so that I can just sit and be entertained! I really do need a baby though (not now but eventually) I love babies and children too much for my own good. A little girl came into work today and saw the sprinkles apple and with a devilish look, turned to her mother and said… “Please? It is my favoritest! I need it.” She was maybe 3. My dad once told me that the beauty of children is that they are like little peices of you but you can train them like a dog to do whatever you want them to. AMAZING! I love it. I will probably add more later becuase babies make me so happy and sad and everything all together.

Hardest Caramel Ever

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I just had to cook for the first time all alone and I ruined it. It is super chewy and hard and I felt so bad. I did a 10/9 which should make about 25 trays of apples or about 300 apples I got about 12 trays or 125 apples. Lame! I will never cook again by myself until Becca teaches me how! I feel very unaccomplished tonight.. bad weekend in general, but I will try to have a better week next week.

and the freaks emerge (Dad don’t watch this, you will hate it)

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Upon surfing youtube with my roommate Katelyn and some friends, Katelyn showed us a video that changed my life! I have never in my life seen something so, shocking, disturbing, awkward and scary ever! I honestly didn’t know how to react. You might assume, as I did that this is set up, but watch the next 4 freak outs and you will be a believer. Brace yourself for the mayhem…

I want just one person, just one who can watch this and think, “Hey, I would love to be this kids mother or father.” How does a child get like this? I know a lot of parents can’t be blamed for how their children turn out but, I’m gonna blame the mother on this one. Don’t let your sons and daughters play WOW! EVER! NO! no exception, dont do it! look at what happens to these children.

Let us next address the remote issue. How is a kid taught that when you want to hurt yourself, take a remote and put it up yourself. Sorry Dad if you are reading this, but really? you have to admit this kid has got issues. How is World of Warcraft so essential to this kids life that he is physically hurting himself?

Also in video 3 he says, “You just want me to look like a loser, like a poor loser” What?! He is worried that a car is going to somehow effect people viewing him as a loser? I guarantee he lost people thinking he was rad and really normal about an hour after that first video was posted.

Lastly how has this kid not been sent to an institution? How has he not killed or seriously injured anyone? In video 3 he swings at his dad but I guess he is at least controlled enough that he doesn’t attack anyone. Katelyn said that because I laughed so hard this is going to be what my children are all like. yeah right! My children will get this crap beaten out of  them if I have to. Also I will follow after my mother and the only games my children will be playing is Mario Cart, Super Mario, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Halo, WOW, War games, anything violent and they will not enter my house. I can’t take a chance of this kid being mine.

and then i dont feel, so bad

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The things I love right now…

1. Crystal Light: Raspberry Ice packets –> I can drink so much more water now!


2.That 70’s Show –> I can’t go to bed without watching a little bit. The characters are so lovalble and halarious.


3. Dungeons and Dragons/ Magic/ Gamers –> They make my life so much more entertaining. The fact that people can get so wrapped up in the world of fantasy and then start believing in it… AMAZING!

This kid is so sad... and I didn't know they had play sets!

This kid is so sad... and I didn't know they had play sets!

4. My little brother and all the kids his age –> Alex and his fellow 18-19 year olds are SO funny. I was never that funny growing up, or now for that matter and I love them!

Kinda creepy that they are shirtless but I love them all the same

Kinda creepy that they are shirtless but I love them all the same

Things I hate right now…

1. The fact that the space program is ending –> I have never even seen a space shuttle launch and they are killing the program. sadness.


2. People who over photoshop things–> So many people decide that they are photographers because they buy a $2000 camera and take pictures of park benches, flowers, and old things. If a picture can’t stand on its own, it isn’t photography to me. Sorry. No photoshop please. (Thank you Tracy for the example)

oh, and put it in black and white and you might as well win an award

oh, and put it in black and white and you might as well win an award

3. Running –> I am so unbelievably sore right now and I ran 3 days ago. i havent been able to walk since let alone run! Tracy is so good at running but I haven’t ever ran… not even for a class so starting at 21 isn’t the best plan I have ever had.

Tired-runner-*That is about it… my life is great!